International structuring

Why is it needed?

Regulatory and legislative development, as well as tax, affect multinational businesses more and more in the modern world. It is essential for a company’s success, to understand their impact on business operations and cross-country transactions.

It is a vital requirement, to be able to stay compliant with the ever-changing global economic projects, such as OECD’s BEPS, to keep your organization efficient.

When to use?

  • If you require advice on tax policies while organizing a company;
  • You need help with tax-efficient strategies for cross-border investments;
  • If you are looking for support in planning of cross-border acquisition, reorganization and disposal;
  • You wish to be more informed about new tax developments, that may affect your business;
  • If you seek assistance in managing intangible assets or intellectual property;
  • If there is a need for managing cash circulation within your group or profit repatriation.

What can we do?

Domiciliation services:

  • Assistance with all steps of personal installation in Luxembourg;
  • Obtainment of Luxembourgish residency card
  • Assistance in requests for official documents in Luxembourgish institutions;

Accounting services:

  • Tax compliance and general accounting matters support;
  • Corporate Taxation, Tax Planning, Employment tax requirements and Expatriate tax services;
  • VAT / Income Tax/ Indirect taxation registration and filling;
  • Bookkeeping and reporting;
  • Assistance in preparation of group consolidated accounts and financial statements under IFRS and GAAP;

Managerial and Administrative services:

  • Company formation or liquidation;
  • Head office transferring assistance;
  • Market entry consulting and Optimization of the business model;
  • Support in establishment of commercial or professional activities;
  • Assistance in opening and operation of bank accounts;

Private client services:

  • Estate planning;
  • Trusts;
  • Wills;
  • Charities;

Before you start to work with us:

Answer to yourself:

Why am I going to do business in Luxembourg?

  • Have you done a market research study?
  • Have you made a business plan, contrasting your goals and strategies for entering the market?

What business am I going to do in Luxembourg?

  • Manufacturing, Sales, Service, Sourcing?

Where will my business be in the future?

  • What is my short-term strategy?
  • Where do I see my business in 5-10 years?

When am I planning to enter Luxembourg?

  • Legislative policies, Regulations and Laws are constantly updated.