About Us

At our offices, we are keen on providing an extensive range of quality corporate services to any persons seeking establishment in Luxembourg.

Whether our clients are looking to open up their own business in Luxembourg, to move a business from another jurisdiction or are seeking support in the general management of the company, our team of experts are willing to collaborate.

Our scope of services extends to several specialized fields:

  • International structuring
  • Company incorporating
  • Tax & Account support
  • Bank account opening
  • Virtual office
  • Private banking
  • Daily management

Company values

Our Purpose: To ensure that we always deliver on our promises.

Our Values:

  • We try to reach perfection, no matter how unachievable it may seem
  • We always learn
  • We stay competitive
  • We focus on the quality

We want you to succeed by collaborating with us!

It is one of our goals, to make our collaboration with you, produce meaningful results. Through teamwork, hard work and dedication to the customers, we are keen to ensure the quality of our services.